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Our Story

Kapi, the captain

I had my first boat at 8 years old: a 9-feet wooden pirogue, with sails … of course. Since then, I have always dreamed of going further, with sails.

I have three children. They are my greatest achievement, my greatest pride. I love them, respect them and admire them, all three of them.

Gaëlle is a gift of life. The gift I no longer thought possible. Our roads and objectives met. We are leaving on Gaïa…with sails.

Gaëlle, the sailor

With a rich childhood, the virus of travel and the taste for adventure settled very early in me. After studying photography in Paris, I realized my first documentary subject on the Tibetan refugees. A pronounced taste for engaged photography will bring me later in the sapphire mines of Madagascar or in the Borkou desert in Chad. Meeting Kapi marks a turning point in my life … Nothing will be the same, our lives are linked. When he asked me to go sailing around the world with him, the answer was obvious. I did not know much about sailing: for me, ‘winch’ was the name of Largo, a genoa inhabitant of Genoa. Since then, getting out of my comfort zone, learning to live differently has been just fun.

Gaïa, the boat

Until the age of 20, I sailed in Mauritian wooden pirogue. You have to build it from start, rig it, cut the sails and tune everything. Hours passed with a helm in the hand make you develop like a sixth sense: the boat tells you what to do. You just learn to listen. The regattas were the best playground for this passion.

Gaïa is this type of sailing boat who talks. The helm is so fine that you feel any small trim. I saw the first Grand Soleil 37 who just won the ‘Spi Ouest France’ ten years ago at La Rochelle in France.

Reason abdicated, priorities was turned upside down. I signed for a news Grand Soleil 37. In the plane that brings me back to Mauritius, I felt like a fool.

Thanks to Ghislain Gomiot, who speaks the language of sailboats, and his wife Zabou.

Thanks also to Yves Sereine and Pierre d’Unienville who were spontaneously present when money was missing.

Gaïa (Length 11m70 – Width 3m68 – Draft 2m10 – Weight 7.2 tons) has given a lot of pleasure to its crews racing in Mauritius and Reunion or cruising to Saint-Brandon.

Today, Gaïa is our home and we sail together for a new chapter of life.

Anyway “sailing boats are safer in ports, but it’s not the reason we built them”

Why this site?

Because the most beautiful adventures are the ones we share, we decided to create our blog “Stories In The Wind”: the objective is to share with you the surprising, touching, funny or strange stories of these lives we will cross. Photography will always be in the heart of the subject.